Lyrics for “Beach Day” by Melting Pot

Día de playa
Deja que vaya
Playa y arena
Día de pla- intro
Oh darling let’s have some fun in the sand
You and me together
Rainbow, the sun
We’re just getting started now
Baby oh oh oh
Sunshine let’s ride the waves in low high
You and me hot weather
Palm tree, the fun
Surfing down the sunshine sky
Wavy oh oh oh
Sun down on my skin footprints baby oh
Make this last forever
Sunset, in love
Tanning under sunshine bath
Lately oh oh oh
Show me the waves to your heart oh my love
Let’s just go whenever
Let yourself go
Join me on this beach day intro
Día de playa
Deja que vaya
Playa y arena
Día de playa
The sun on my face
The joy on the bass
The voice on my space
Make this last for days
Forever until I gray
Beach Day
Beach Day
Beach Day
Beach Day
That’s it


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About the Band

Melting Pot is an Indie Rock band based in San Jose, California. Formed in 2019 by guitarist Fernando G, the band is a melting pot of artists from various cultures & backgrounds with the common goal of creating great music. The songs are a fusion of songs and sounds by Nirvana, The White Stripes and alt rock Primus with influences from Gorillaz and John Scofield. The Band’s debut singles are “Beach Day” and “Parallel Lines”. Join their movement and spread a message of love around the globe.

You can contact the artist here: contact page.