Melting Pot are a San Jose indie rock band letting the music guide their souls. The band was originally formed by guitarist Fernando G in November of 2019. Inspired by The Strokes video for ‘Reptilia’ he finally decided to act on his dream of forming a band. Beyond that, he wanted to form a band that brought together people from completely different backgrounds and cultures to show that anyone could come together to play great music.

After going through multiple iterations, Fernando managed to piece together a lineup featuring bassist Omar Arroyo, lead guitarist Edgar Duchesneau and drummer John Angelo. The band’s vision at long last had begun to come together. The end result was a sound that fuses the influence of garage rockers like Nirvana and The White Stripes with the alt rock of Primus, the dance fueled magic of Gorillaz and the jazz wizardry of John Scofield. It’s a unique approach with a lot of moving parts, but one that fits the musicians in Melting Pot perfectly. After all they are well… a melting pot!

See – Melting Pot isn’t about perfection, but about striking a feeling and emotion inside of the ones who choose to listen. It’s about making people feel alive and proving that music doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. It simply guides your soul when you need it.

Now, Melting Pot are gearing up for a whole spate of releases. First they plan on releasing their debut singles, “Beach Day” and “Parallel Lines” culminating in the release of their debut full length One In 200,000 which is currently being recorded by their guys. They will follow this up with a four song special Halloween EP. With huge ambition and a desire to play as many shows as possible whilst putting out great music that spreads a message of unity, Melting Pot are here to stay. Join their movement and spread a message of love around the globe.

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Melting Pot

San Jose
California (USA)

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